YOUNGSTOWN, OH (Mar. 16, 2024):  Scriptless in Seattle, live touring comedy show, has added Youngstown to its 2024 tour route. Scriptless in Seattle is presented at the Youngstown Playhouse. This show has never been performed before and will never be performed again. Every line, sound, and motion is made up entirely on the spot.

The show itself is unique, even among improvised theatre. “I’ve been touring with this show for years and doing improvised comedy shows for even longer,” says tour manager and emcee Justin Folger. “The real fun is of the hundreds of shows I’ve put on, not one of them was even similar to the ones before it. We like to say that the show that audiences will see is one that has never been performed before and will never be performed again—and we mean it! The guys always have something new based around the audience in the room that evening in that city, wherever it may be.” Folger has been in front of crowds without a script for seven years now.

“This show too is special for me, as much of my extended family lives here in Youngstown,” Folger added. “While I didn’t grow up in Youngstown and don’t live there, it is going to feel a little like a hometown show.”

“I love looking out at the audiences, seeing everyone from families with young kids to couples that have been together 55 years on a night out, and knowing that every one of them will leave with a smile on their face,” says performer James Trombka. Trombka has been touring with the group since its infancy and has established himself as one of the most memorable parts of the show.

“The people of Youngstown, OH should expect high-quality family-friendly entertainment.” says Charlie Hubbell, comedian with Scriptless in Seattle. “We take suggestions from the audience and use them to create improvised musicals, film noirs, game shows, and we’ll even serenade individual members of the audience—all composed on the spot!” The group draws inspiration from the hit British and American TV show, Whose Line is it Anyway. Many of the sketches will be familiar to audience members familiar with the show. “If you like ‘Whose Line,’ you’re in for a real treat!” said Hubbell.

Scriptless in Seattle fills a unique niche of family-friendly improvised sketch comedy, in settings unique to the craft. This national tour includes stops in Ohio, Tennessee, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Michigan, New York, Indiana and more.

The event will be held at The Youngstown Playhouse at 7:30pm on Saturday March 16th.

Tickets are on sale now can be purchased at, or by calling 330-788-8739.